Digital Business Solutions

With great digital powers come great business opportunities

Digital Business Solutions

With great digital powers come great business opportunities.

Reinventing Business by Unleashing the Power of Digital

The uncertainty of the present is driving companies to rethink business models to respond quickly to external changes while remaining efficient and profitable. As market demands evolve in tandem with evolving technologies, the flexibility and speed with which organizations handle today’s challenges determines whether they will be able to lead in their industry.

The spread of digital services and the rapid rise of next-generation technologies are opening up new scenarios for competitive advantage that modern companies can’t expect to ignore much longer.

Reinventing business models and processes, improving customer experience, and enhancing enterprise information systems are all part of a digital transformation journey that aims to deeply connect people, technologies, and processes.

From ERP-Centrism to ERP, CRM, Cloud, IoT, eCommerce…

In the past, ERP brought together all systems and functions to manage the most important business processes.

Business areas interacted with each other but often worked separately, generating increasingly closed silos that reduced the opportunities for interaction and collaboration between the various functions and departments.

In a context that sees a progressive increase in hyper-specialized services, the need to make complex functions interact harmoniously by managing the chaos of data generated by information systems is assuming increasingly defined dimensions.

Today, each system has its own identity and, as such, must adequately interact with other complex systems that support business processes so that information is accessible anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Our Proposal

Omicron Consulting has the necessary skills to face all integration challenges that include a myriad of systems and technologies, including ERP, CRM, eCommerce, IoT, Cloud.

Through cutting-edge Business Process Management methodologies, we orchestrate all company applications making sure that processes are perfectly aligned to continue to innovate and grow in your sector.


A new ERP season

ERP is one of the key players governing the enterprise from a digital perspective.

While it continues to be the backbone that seamlessly connects business processes, it now interfaces with an inevitable corollary of apps and systems, allowing it to experience a promising new season.

Adopting a strategy of ERP integration with modern proprietary systems and platforms such as SAP S/4 HANA, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Magento will help the company to be more reactive and flexible to the transformations of the market scenario and to expand beyond imagination the boundaries of its business in the new digital era.


Amplify the connection with customers

Customers want to interact with agents who are able to correctly interpret their specific characteristics and needs.

To achieve this, the interaction experience with the company should reflect the canons of continuity, consistency and bidirectionality. CRM is the information system oriented to the relationship with the customers; it registers and manages every single interlocutor of the company, Lead, Customer, Partner, allowing to monitor in real time all the sales-oriented conversations.

SalesForce is our platform of reference to help companies build new models of involvement that are both predictive and proactive, able to capture the needs, preferences and intentions of customers in an effective and continuous way over time.


Charting a course to digital commerce

While the impact of new global phenomena is disrupting business priorities, both direct-to-consumer and B2B organizations are struggling relentlessly to capture new market opportunities. While most companies have only experimented with new digital channels so far, their business will need to be able to increasingly attract and retain the right target audiences in online market environments. Those who have put aside digital commerce now have to chart a course to new business frontiers, expanding existing offerings and proposing new forms of services.

eCommerce is the platform that allows you to sell goods and services online seamlessly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The importance of integrating eCommerce with ERP to align online sales systems with the management system becomes vital to be able to organize inventory, order status, warehouse and shipments with uncommon efficiency. Omicron Consulting experience in this field finds its deepest essence in the ability to integrate SAP ERP system with the most popular online selling systems such as Magento and Odoo.

Robotic Process Automation

Automating the ordinary to create extraordinary value

There are countless micro-tasks that staff must perform in order for each business process to turn into tangible results for the organization. These repetitive tasks drastically reduce the time available to staff for higher value-added activities. The combination of Artificial Intelligence technologies, Bots and predictive analytics opens up new unexplored scenarios in the field of time management.

RPA (Robot Process Automation) replicates actions that otherwise would have to be performed by a human being, such as the collection, insertion, extraction and transfer of data between different business applications. In an environment where the advent of digital services is expanding at the speed of light, automating routine but crucial tasks so that information reaches the correct recipient at the time they need it has never been more urgent.

With an automation-driven approach, organizations will be able to relieve staff of routine tasks and allocate them to more in-depth tasks, reduce process errors while significantly raising the quality of services and improving the experience of their customers.

Augmented Reality

Transforming the In-Store Experience

The Cinematic AR platform is among the applications that leverage Augmented Reality, Motion Capture and Computer Vision technology to provide unforgettable interactive experiences, both indoor and outdoor, suitable for audiences of all ages.

Through the combination of crystal-clear 3D content and medium to large LED walls, brands can increase in-store engagement and generate new visitor flows like never before.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us to request a dedicated consultation.

Request your consultation

Don’t hesitate to contact us to request a dedicated consultation.

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