Protect your business information from internal and external attacks

The human factor is increasingly important. WOZON collects useful elements to investigate and act more quickly in case of a data breach or misconduct by employees and collaborators.

Internal Frauds?

80% of information leakage comes from internal fraud.

Detect threats and anomalous activity unique to your business faster, reducing time to detection and intervention. DLP. WOZON is a data loss prevention tool that uses customizable alerts to protect intellectual property, comply with data protection, and increase visibility into data movement across the corporate network.

Or Hacker attacks?

Effective and fast remedy against cyber attacks

In the event of a computer incident, the data collected by the software will help your technicians remediate faster and identify patient zero.

Forensic-Grade Response. The software and support are 100% Italian. Designed and coded by technicians with experience in digital forensics and supported by a team experienced in legal and litigation matters.


Scheda Prodotto

Per la prima volta un software evoluto, che include funzioni forensi e di Cyber Security sviluppato completamente in Italia.


Company Profile

Omicron Consulting è un azienda di consulenza specialistica nell’ambito dell’Information Technology da oltre 40 anni.


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