Smart Factory & Industry 4.0

Become a leader in the hyperflexible and self-adaptive production

Smart Factory & Industry 4.0

Become a leader in the hyperflexible and self-adaptive production

Building the connected, data-driven factory

The Omicron Suite in Smart Factory includes a set of technologies such as ERP, MES, IoT, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud, Augmented Reality and bolster companies in managing the digital thread of generated data that are collected, stored and transmitted with the aim to make the production environment fully efficient and operating.

Charting the path towards the smart factory

In manufacturing, the Smart Factory represents a leap forward from traditional automation to fully connected and integrated automation. Smart Factory harnesses the data and information stream to make operational processes more flexible and efficient, reduce downtime and increase the predictive capacity of complex events.

The biggest challenge of the next future will be the ability to manage the digital shockwave by creating an intelligent factory system capable of drawing value from technology in order to learn how torapidly adapt production to changing scenarios.

Augmented Reality

Get the information faster, at a glance

The technicians at workstation wear an Augmented Reality viewer and share in real-time their point of view while the remote expert lead them through in the management of every type of task.

Whether it’s operational activities or on-the-job training, the technology is able to make information accessible to anybody, from anywhere at anytime.

Augmented Reality gives them the skills, the knowledge and the support they need where and when they need it.

Virtual Reality

Learning by doing virtual practice

VR Training is an innovative methodology to align workforce performance globally without engaging experienced trainers or workers and avoiding machine downtime generated by production drops and slowed delivery times.

On-demand repetition of complex scenarios allows new staff to learn faster and expert workers to strengthen their consolidated skills, while the company can standardize training across all production sites worldwide.

Any work situation can be designed with computer and experienced in Virtual Reality: from complex scenarios such as the assembly or maintenance of machinery, to safety procedures related to taking charge of reports of plant failures.

Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

Isolate signals from background noise

The manufacturing industry has always aimed to improve the efficiency of production processes. Thanks to new IoT technologies that get and transmit information over wireless networks, it’s possible to transform the raw data extracted from machinery into a valuable source of insight.

Analytics systems map all behaviors of complex systems, identify problems and production line failures, and predict future events by cross-referencing and interpreting all collected information in a consistent way.

Starting from this foundation of knowledge it is possible to feed Machine Learning systems generating predictive models correlated to specific processes in order to plan activities, forecast unexpected events not detectable with human eye and exponentially reduce errors.


Scaling new horizons with Industrial IoT

Get information from production environments improving the observation and analysis of the state of art of machineries and, in general, of all the assets in the production lines, provides a powerful push towards new horizons of efficiency. Thanks to IoT technologies, it is now possible to get a real-time overview of everything that takes place within the production processes, achieving the convergence between operational and digital systems. The continuos monitoring of processes provides decisive support to management on the ground of optimization of resources, time and costs of each operation.

IoT is transforming entire industries by removing barriers to access to the new technologies, tools, services and business models. With a broader overview of the way manufacturing systems work, companies will gain in automation and efficiency of processes and will adapt with agility to new market scenarios.


Harnessing the Power of Cloud

Manufacturing companies are starting to consider the Cloud as a blank canvas on which designing an agile and flexible manufacturing strategy, in order to adapt to sudden changes in the market scenario and unlock the enormous potential offered by emerging technologies.

With the Cloud, it is possible to stock terabytes of data in a single container that expands dynamically by scaling computing and storage power based on the ordinary needs of the production facility.

With a Cloud First strategy, companies can continuously power services to support their workforce and customers, improve process monitoring and achieve new levels of operational efficiency.


Broaden your vision with Enterprise Resource Planning

The data from manufacturing facilities must be organized so that all of the information captured can flow to the systems and human resources that need it to perform their tasks. ERP technology helps canalizing the database of data generated by connected devices into a single environment, providing a comprehensive overview of all processes and reducing the silos created by a separate management of information stream.

This approach enables organizations to properly distribute data, bringing order into information chaos, and easily coordinate production departments with other business areas and functions.

ERP is the backbone of companies because it connects information and operational processes, improving collaboration between departments and breaking down the barriers between production and management systems to achieve a kind of production more connected and integrated.

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